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At Pet Calls Animal Hospital, we offer our clients our AAHA Certified comfortable  well equipped hospital.   You are welcome to visit or tour our immaculately clean facility with state of the art equipment.  Some of the features of our facility include:

On Site Laboratory:  We have a complete on site laboratory capable of blood chemistry analysis, cell blood counts (CBC’s), blood clotting factors, internal and external parasite exams, and urinalysis.

Digital Radiology: We also have a top quality digital radiology suite.  X-rays can be taken and read within a matter of seconds.  We  send these images to Board Certified Veterinary  Radiologists for consultations.

Pharmacy: We have an extensive, on site pharmacy for most of your pet’s needs.  We carry a full line of prescription diets, heartworm, tick and flea preventives, dental products and prescription medications.  You will be pleasantly surprised how competitive and fair our prices are.  We will gladly mail your pet’s prescriptions at your request.

Surgery Suite:  As pet lovers we understand how anxious you are when your pet is here for a surgical procedure.  Our investment in training and equipment means the procedure will be performed under the finest and safest surgical conditions possible.  All of our  patients receive the safest anesthetics available and are monitored with the most advanced equipment.  Our surgical patients stay comfortably warm  on a circulating warm water pad and a bair hugger  throughout their procedure.

Dentistry:  Our patients who undergo dental cleanings and digital dental x-rays, surgical extractions, and oral surgery receive the safest anesthetics, using the  finest equipment and monitoring  available. Proper dental care is as important for you pet family members as it is for you. Our more advanced procedures can be scheduled with our board certified veterinary dentist Dr Tiffany Brown. 

Boarding: Boarding is provided as a special service to our clients.  We have a veterinarian in charge to be certain your pet has professional care  during their stay. We have a separate cat ward with kitty condos and dogs are housed in comfortable runs where they are hand walked three times daily.  We are happy to offer special treats and play time. Our kennel assistants are gentle and caring and provide personal attention to each of our guests. For their safety, we do require all pet’s to be current on their vaccines and free of external and internal parasites.

Laser Surgery:  Pet Calls is proud to offer CO2 surgical Laser Surgery.  The Laser seals nerve endings as it cuts making the procedure less painful with a quicker recovery. We believe that our pet family members deserve this cutting edge, humane surgical procedure.

Board Certified Specialists:  At Pet Calls we have Board Certified specialists in internal medicine, surgery, and dentistry consult and perform procedures at our hospital.

Therapy Laser treatments: We have a high quality therapy laser which can help speed healing, decrease inflammation and pain on many medical conditions. 

Acupuncture: We offer acupuncture to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and increase overall energy  from  conditions such as osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc disease(back or neck pain, weakness or paralysis) as well as other medical  conditions.

House Calls: In addition to our full service hospital we also offer house calls. One of our doctors and technicians will see your pet(s) in the comfort of your home. All fees are the same as the hospital appointment other than an additional house call fee.

Ultrasound: We have an board certified internal medicine specialist  who regularly  performs ultrasounds and echocardiograms. We also have an onsite ultrasound machine that can be used for emergency scans and minor procedures. 

Endoscopy, Rhinoscopy, Colonoscopy: our internal medicine specialist performs these procedures at our hospital.

CT scans:  a mobile ct scan can be performed on site when advanced imaging is indicated. 

Emergency Service: When your pet is in need of urgent care, Please call our hospital at 561-434-2097.  During regular business hours we will guide  you as to what to do before bringing your pet in as well as prepare our emergency triage nurse and doctor for your pet family member. After hours, you will be directed to  the local Veterinary Emergency Hospital- Veterinary Emergency Group  in Boynton Beach at 561752-3232 or another specialty 24 hour facility in the area.  

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